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Our product range includes more than 60 different ice cream varieties, produced according to carefully crafted recipes and handmade according to tradition.


We only use selected and natural raw ingredients from organic

cultivation. We, for example, use fruit and vegetables for vegan ice cream varieties, and goat, sheep and mare’s milk for those allergic to cow’s milk.


We are constantly on the lookout for new taste experiences.

This way, the most “crazy” ice cream varieties were created, for example, raspberries with fermented mare’s milk, ice cream made of sheep’s milk with red pepper, soy yoghurt with beetroot, buttermilk-banana-carrot, coal or hemp ice cream.

We provide hotels and guest houses with ice cream in 4.75 l  bowls, ice cream tubs with 500 ml and 165 ml capacity. On request, we support you regarding ice cream vending equipment and appealing promotional material.


We sell our popular ice cream nationwide with mobile vending stands at events and markets.


Our participation at the church convention in Germany (Kirchentag) has already become a tradition.


Note to organisers!

We gladly cater for guests at your events with our ice cream, food and drinks.

Please call us! Mobile 0172 / 38 53 853


Horse, goat, sheep and more…


One would associate these with farming, but not with ice cream. However, these ice cream flavours are becoming increasingly popular, in particular. Because these ice cream flavours from mare’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk are especially delicious!


The fresh natural ingredients of our “beastly” good ice cream are derived directly from local farms specialising in the production of organic milk.




You can take a glimpse behind the scenes in our short video:







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Become a sales partner with KÖLLER ICECREAM and benefit from our longstanding know-how.


We do not only supply you with ice cream but also with the entire

equipment for your sales. We support you, be it with ice cream scoops, ice cream cones or ice cream displays.

You could even rent or purchase entire vending stand from us.


We are happy to turn your ice cream dreams into reality.

You can bring your own recipes and natural ingredients to the table.


We give expert advice on ice cream sales – also under our private brand label – and also provide you with appealing promotional and design options.


Moreover, we offer training courses on practical and easily understandable topics

at our head office in Templin.

Please call us! Mobile 0172 / 38 53 853